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My Video Game


for Andy Clausen: translator of the Songs of Bo Baba


Search and destroy, search and rescue, securing anonymous

Candidates holding anonymous elections, securing the curfew,

Locking down cities, locking down the populace, locking down

The sacrilege & blasphemy, though the gods are everywhere.


Why don’t they make video games of mountain meadow

tipi shining sunsets?


Video games with Allen Ginsberg calming police

into putting away nightsticks,

Video games with chickadees pecking at the window of a Muslim bakery,

Video games of a TV repairman giving strawberries to a leper,

Video games of a monk sitting in a cave for years on end,

Video games of a woman opening up an orphanage

where trees stand quiet once again.


The mission isn’t the vaporization of wives & lovers disguised

as terrorists.

The prize is not to crush and burn the entire global insurgency.


In my video game, we make amends with our victimage,

In my video game, the leaves are sixty colors & peace rejoices.

In my video game we free ourselves from these lifetimes of

reappearing samsara hellworld demons within.



Cotati, CA

3 January 2005



[Originally published in NHS 2005, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs05/jim_cohn.html.]