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Old Snake Ponders


Heavens! What symptoms are these? Unrelenting

Synchronicity followed by sheer idiocy why me?

The serpent swallows his tail or is about to and is

Amazed to find how much older his tail has gotten

But even as he swallows he is not without hope of

Finding his old tail the delyumicious young tail

He used to chew on for hours when he was bored

In class This just can't be the same tail so maybe

He shouldn't swallow it even though he's in a

Swallowing tail kind of mood and he knows only

Too well that there is no more snake afterwards

So this must be a cosmic joke set up by his dead

Friends either that or this kind of thing in subtler

Forms goes on all the time and snakes everywhere

Disappear routinely every day under the pressure

Of synchronicity What makes him such a special snake?

And the sheer idiocy is there to exhaust him

Long enough to consider such matters o snake

You are long silly belt-like greedy and stupid!



[Originally published in NHS 2003, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs03/codrescu.html.]