N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  1  2






Otter Falls Art Action for PLW


Peter Lamborn Wilson is writing a magnum opus

on the folklore & origins of the Esopus

research involves investigating the exact source

of the river at Lake Winnisock in Big Indian

the art action was an elaborate ritual offering

to the actual big Indian


seven and a half feet tall

who was allegedly brutally murdered by colonialists

and buried in a tall pine tree

for the crime of either marrying a white woman

or for, more likely say Peter, for openly living with his male lover

in this desolate hidden green forest

one can imagine the otters sliding down

the wet mossy sloping waterfalls

descending down in seven swirling whirlpools

in this shady grove there were no otters

but philosophers, professors, artists, anthropologists,

tarot experts, poets, students, saints

all gathered together artistically spiritually naturally

PLW, on that day, magically transformed into Hakim Bey

an ancient white bearded druid pagan Celtic-Moorish priest

lit rose incense for the sun

lit 5 incenses that start with the letter M

symbolizing secret sacred tantrik sex magik

offered 5 big solid silver coins to the foaming pools

& sheets of solid silver foil 
which floated on the breeze

like the memories of the faded past

& he offered a handful of translucent pearls

& a jar of pure white honey

& a vial of whale's ambergris oil

essential oils for essential Catskill's folklore

essential nature knowledge for Indians, otters & everyone