N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  1  2






Fear of Black Light

See tiny girl enfolded arms
a wetness entreaty
between her legs, one palm pressed in
too hidden from parlez vous
goodie two shoes? 
and you?
Tricked out she wearing a badge
braided past nice girl spray
Newly irradiating milky below grass 
lips pursed
waiting to kiss the doorman on a
planet of sand and 
below that

See who waits behind
that drag knuckle 
boot prints on the ceiling
underground he type
come home and meet mama type and
I'll lock you in your room forever 
you frilly piece of 
sight fluff
pull your head back and scream until
you are backless and blue-eyed,
straight-laced and (turn that gun
around this time tongue it from the
inside) mother red your
cheeks and told you not
to stare that place is
not for you
Good girls don't read
behind the look 

Banish that hulking day-blind 
night vision
plain I
he's seen death a billion times not
afraid to show you 
ghost me witch-let 
It's what I would do to you if day met dark-let 
fourth lumbar down
tiny kiss
bone blade met below the fault line
standing there so you can 
see through
little girl wish for
black light breakthrough

Would you die for them?

No Mother but far below the desert land
She Tit breeds sightless babes with
hunting knives to hear with 
and scream because they already know
you are here and the suns are
Scissor teeth follow the bloodline
until it's breached and wrung dry
free fall into after party
gossip with the blind
girls clinging to the cave walls 
breed there
until their toes bleed

Am I nice? Do I want to be?
Self contained enraptured girl
muck presented to the
black man 
yes to the front flank
no at the trap door 

Open you up for free bitch 
Close your right eyes and
meet me 
Ease your fear of dark 
might sucking picture pretty, 
cure my aversion to
total light living—a fair trade
one glance behind could

Mother makes wings too One set
and the dream bird flies two
Blackened heart cooked in the
dark a long newly pink stinking time 
worth a halogen kiss, some girl piss, 
and a free bird rhyme