N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  1  2






Written On Allen Ginsberg’s Birthday


Also born June 3: Curtis Mayfield, Jefferson Davis,

 Josephine Baker, Tony Curtis, Raoul Dufy, Henry James


I would like to continue this presentation at a later date.

For now, I’ll end by saying I did not write as a corporation.


“Why do they always say ‘relax’

when something terrible

is about to happen?”

“I wrote like a gypsy.”


“I’m not interested in being a low-buy crystal pawn in anymore games.”

“If we haven’t seen each other for months, where have you been?”


                 “I’ve got to go to Paris.”

“But you said, “Marseille.”

“We got a little lost.”

“It sounds lonely.”


“I thought about you ever nanosecond you were gone.

“Do me a favor,” she said. “Don’t ever do that again.”



3 June 2012