N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  1  2






You Of Very Subtle Mind



O ever-changing entity without permanence,

Where mental processes are constantly in flux

And the new being is continuous

With the being that died,

Look to the world inside out,

Look to the gallery of the street,

Look to the language invented by a child,

Look to Iphigeneia’s wedding and the politics of sisterhood,

Look to the impregnation(s) between virginity and justice,

Look to spaces far from kingdoms, far from autocrats,

Far from brawls, from the cravings of penis and sword,

Look to the fusion of organism, machine, and code,

Look to atoms, individuals, and myths,

Look to the spontaneous combustion of love,

Look to your own psionic powers,

Look to the common mondegreen,

Look to the blessed––those last in line

As the doors close and they never even know

The doors have closed,

Look to those with nothing to live for,

Look to the end of the journey

You set out on that was never your journey.

You open a new chapter,

The one that begins with goodbye.



18 March 2012



5 April 2012