N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  1  1


Exploding Like Vermin

Exist Lunatic (for Antonin Artaud)

magnetic skeletons consent splintered fractures upon consenting spectators
high power death bursting internal schism years of limbs permeate radio elementary martyrs bleeding bones order atomic revolutions of sordid blankets inextricable backlash breathed nerves human judgment wins enchanted theatres .


Prison Ornaments Voluptuous Torrents (for Charles Baudelaire)

sea vampire thighs secfruit corpse vague language hips poison perfumed grandeur depravity stormy undulating lewd transgressions oblivion icy memory sphinx blade moon withered light jewels enfold austere splendid swan bronze sensuous sin cathedrals bloom clarity flowers soul ocean brass
confession delight serpent mirrors quiet fecund bitter pleasures diamond clay whimpers flesh suckled lamp.

Insuperable Tongues (for Anais Nin)

electric transparent hallucinations dangerous water thinkers hibernating blinding surprises wrap tragic savages climaxing rusty hysterical shackles
inflection experiences nourish keenest penetrating strangers whirling costumes quiver fertility arousing fairy tales of witchcraft thirsty ivory images neurotic ecstasy sunk in regions of introspective fatigue.


Glasseye Moonlight Orchid (for Charles Bukowski)

cigarette dressed unblinking motherfucker street silk whiskey waitress broken sex songs tangerine coquette tough dust intimate yellow wet garbage
naked fingernails walking cracked drive beautiful dancing pants phone listening butter terrible smoking heels splendid flapjack realize blade moonlight bottle revolution hero stockings 3am gods hotel nightclubs shades disillusion slouched aging fucked


Amputation Lavatory Kicks (for William S. Burroughs)

electrician ominous dead  interrogator midnight drinks protocol bum model religious sick embarrass wigging thawing disease permitted pain jerk asshole distasteful effluvium snide rubbish refuse shots snippy nakedness conference blob fish phosphorescent narcotics hungry copulations victim chicken crawl odor CIA pinwheel jack off mummy gasoline connect oyster berserk judge screams anonymous blotches jelly rotten morphine climax neon junkies selling random orgasm spurt spectral disorder rum vampire boiling wrist tenuous wounded jockstrap convulsions cough insect monkey fangs strangulations knuckles addicts


Undersea Saliva Illusions (for Le Compte de Lautremont)

heavens thighs devastating impotent flowers blame breath blade humanity suffering submerged oceanic cruelty sea-wrack adversary wild vengeance waves breasts flesh excess birds compass wound swim monsters shroud bowels reeking alone ghastly exquisite heavy heaving carnal fires


Cigarette Skeleton Firetruck Dreams (for Allen Ginsberg)

grandfather gymnasiums butchered gibberish locomotive confessions cowered delight of criminal kingdoms roadside war lobotomies staggering basements blew moon eternity filthy streets secret chained underwear hallucinating harlequin undressing bodies sank jukebox stanzas consciousness copulated shaking starving joyrides Alcatraz ecstatic sirens saxophone hypnotism danced beer shame suicidal streets lonely angel haze salvation odes wiggle neon starry madmen shock barefoot stoop electricity harpsichord crack psychotherapy shivered death drunken dragged womb doom hospital alchemy gaunt fairies humorless intoxication


Gold Glow Shadows (for Arthur Rimbaud)

ghostly altars crying rhymes lascivious fantastic torments trembled nymphs
plucked highways supernatural revolutions drunk skin impure seasons absurd condemned eternity tavern divine dreams poison languages delicate shadows trees fair consonant translator hallucinations travelled sap eternity mourning boudoirs slave awakening dew childhood skeletons carnival martyrs phantasmagoria rhythms overcoat monstrous aromatics delighted rags everlasting insanities


Dainty Sharkskin Buildings (for Jack Kerouac)

fairy tale curb swinging flowers hanging collar children ducked vigorous lonely plaid band teaching park music madder mused newsboys circle milling alley belt horizontal Louis stamping shaved jazz blasting head birdlike Chinamen flipped Charlie joints complex Chicago sweating days technical Cadillac curly haired butter suit sax great woman stretched out
shrapnel dress mad Monk hot cars hootchy-kootchy straight Kansas Benny gloomy glow life sucked


Mesmerized Dust Footsteps (for Robert Smith)

souls wasted shade door ache standing melting knees dreamlessly devour underneath madness pure face blurs painted star shimmers ghost thousand glares pool thunder pray falling light glittering fleeting secrets dry lying night ancient eternal despair glass summer writhed window skin reflection diamond senses violent surrender hollow thrashing melts animal sugar fingers catch eyes twilight sealed illusion lakes lifeless caves chill mesmerized dust footsteps