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Praise Of Saint Che And The Doctors Of Cuba

all praise Saint Che

his prophet Fidel

and the medicos Cubanos

have you heard of Operation Miracle

staffed by the doctors of Cuba

financed by the oil of Venezuela

inspired by the spirit of Che

how many attested miracles

to qualify for sainthood

how about thousands

how about hundreds of thousands

that’s what op milagro has done

inspired by Che

financed by Chavez

staffed by medicos of Cuba                  

cataract operations everywhere

all over Latin America

no charge free

now you can see again


certainly those miracles enough

to canonize to sanctify

many many miracles by

Saint Che

Saint Fidel

Saint Hugo

even this one miracle

even this one alone

proof enough of saintliness

Christ smiled down from heaven

the day that medicos Cubanos

Operación Milagro

removed  cataracts from the eyes

restored sight to the eyes

that aimed the rifle

that fired the bullet

that killed Che

yes that Bolivian soldier

who executed Saint Che      (*)

Sergeant Mario Teran

can see again

can see colors of  the flowers

sees the smiles of his grandchildren

watches  football games again

thanks to Operation Miracle

what could be more saintly

what could be more Christ-like

than to save the sight

of your killer

miracle come to pass

by the living spirit

of Saint Che

yet there is more

much more

all over the world Cuba

sends doctors and nurses

to peacefully promote

socialist revolution

all over the world America

sends guns and soldiers

to suppress


not peacefully

there is more

there is more

these are busy saints

there is the miracle of ELAM    (**)

the largest medical school

in all the world

all free

Escuela LatinoAmericana de Medicina


ELAM trained many of the doctors of Haiti

all free

ELAM trained is training

thousands and thousands of doctors

from poor countries

the world over

teaching them for free

free tuition

free books

free instruments

free room

free board

even stipends

all free

could that be  it

why the embargo still

in spite of lobbying by American business

in spite of lobbying by American construction industry

in spite of lobbying by American agri-industry

could it be American doctors are

responsible for the blockade

maybe the ever devious AMA afraid

of competition with doctors of ELAM afraid

of the Cuban medical model

which is simply

free care for everyone


free care


what day shall we choose

to remember Saint Che

to praise his works

what day shall we mark

to praise the saints  of our days   

what day better than october 9

the day in 1967 when sergeant Mario Teran

with eyes that saw clearly then

aimed the rifle

that fired the bullet

that made a saint

that martyred Che

let us remember

in the years of our lives

the living spirit of

Saint Che

who  repaid sergeant Teran

repaid evil with good

repaid murder with a miracle

restored the sight of his killer

so mark your calendar

for  October 9

to take a moment

to remember Sargeant Mario Teran

to drink a toast

to invoke  a blessing

for the medicos of Cuba

and remember

to work work work for

medicare for all




(*) BBC NEWS    Cubans treat man who killed Che

Cuban doctors working in Bolivia have saved the sight of the man who executed revolutionary leader Che Guevara in 1967, Cuban official media report.   Mario Teran, a Bolivian army sergeant, shot dead Che Guevara after he was captured in Bolivia's eastern lowlands.

Cuban media reported news of the surgery ahead of the 40th anniversary of Che's death on 9 October.   Mr Teran had cataracts removed under a Cuban programme to offer free eye treatment across Latin America.    The operation on Mr Teran took place last year and was first revealed when his son wrote to a Bolivian newspaper to thank the Cuban doctors for restoring his father's sight.

Cuban media took up the Story at the weekend as the island prepares for commemorations to mark Che Guevara's death 40 years ago.   "Four decades after Mario Teran attempted to destroy a dream and an idea, Che returns to win yet another battle," the Communist Party's official newspaper Granma proclaimed.    "Now an old man, he [Teran] can once again appreciate the colours of the sky and the forest, enjoy the smiles of his grandchildren and watch football games."

Published: 2007/10/02 11:32:50 GMT

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