Nap alm†††† Health†††† Spa:†††† Report†††† 2010






12 Telegrams


†††† 1. Identity


If you donít see me

I am not me

and if you see me

I am not me


†††† 2. Mathematics


Life is brief

Forget it

Or time shall be greater

than the sum of our days.


3. I live the desire

for the dying

Dead is the desire

I am dying

to die again.


4. ďPor tou joursĒ, seashell

The voice of God is the sea

the sea in the seashell

the seashell in my hatred

pours out of my lips


5. Being together we support

in our solitudes

like an overshadow in another overshadow


6. Mutual fiat


our biography

your mythology


7. Mutual fiat, 2

Nor the dreamer or dreamed

know whoís the dream:

so real is the dreaming

and the dreamer so fast


8. Today we have

bodies to make more souls


9. Juvenille pact

Letís not let go of our hands

if not to run through our infancy

until the last day of the infancy

that was our first


10. Panta rhei

Looking at us I dare

and so wildly the river scans

that I see because I canít see


11. Nostalgia for right now

the touched now

the golden now

I learned

††††††††††††† now

†††††††††††††††††††† itís gray


12. Traveller

Wait for me: I come and go

(letter by letter on the path

lavish your name

so as not to mislead the return)




[From Plagio II, 1980. Translated by Ron Rodriguez, 2009.]