N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  1  0






“Alone and scared without her, how do I move on?”


go to the gym and work out—sweat & pump endorphins.

swim one hour; rediscover your love of precision strokes.

go to a good action movie & get lost in it.

explore a wilderness or city trail—

do it with friend if possible.

take the ferry to parts of the city new to you—

bring your camera.

go to a concert & shake it with strangers.

hike local parks, up a local mountain if weather permits.

go to museum & learn local native culture,

flora & fauna, history—

study totem poles & learn their codes. 

what kinds of canoes did they have?  what songs in shared hearts?

go fishing.  go camping, kayaking if you can rent a boat cheap.

what poet genius sprang up on these riverbanks?

who shaped the town & made it what it has become? 

what legends imbue the place with character? 

go to Christian church or Jewish or buddhist temple & observe

what you can learn, listen to the messages. 

practice group meditation or yoga at YMCA if you can.
go take photos or films of local sites and post them on Facebook,

discoveries of the world you inhabit.

Go to homeless shelter and volunteer time.

Go friendly with strangers and share kindness with those in need.