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Impeach Bush and Cheney?


Impeach Bush and Cheney?

That would be far too lenient.

There are better and more creative ways

to punish Bush and his accomplices

as they deserve while at the same time

prevent further terrorist attacks:

e.g. the U.S. could surrender

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

to Al Qaeda on condition Al Qaeda

not decapitate them over Al-Jazeera

but only hand them over to the Iraqi people

on the condition the Iraqi people

not tear them limb from limb.

Seeing as he’s responsible for the deaths

of more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein

and seeing as he was so gung-ho

on capital punishment when he was

governor of Texas, and seeing as the Iraqis

hanged Saddam with Bush’s blessings,

then it’s only just that Bush, too,

would get to swing from a noose.

But we antiwar worldpeace activists

honor the nonviolence of Gandhi and King

and therefore would urge the Iraqis

to spare the Bush-Cheney gang’s lives

and instead just him them with their shoes

the way they hit the toppled statues

of Saddam Hussein with their shoes,

but on condition they don’t hit them so hard

and long with said shoes that it kills them,

mercifully sparing them the punishment

that fits their crimes and the disastrous

impact of those crimes on Iraq,

the U.S. and the world at large.

Even though Bush had Gonzalez

streamline executions in Texas,

we antiwar worldpeace activists

believe in nonviolence and so

would spare their nasty lives.

As a further mercy we’d urge

the people of Iraq to not him them

on the face or head, but only whap

their butts with the soles of their shoes.

But, lest that seem cruel and unusual,

we could build giant statues of Bush-

Cheney-Rumsfeld and help the Iraqis

topple them so they could hit them

with their shoes just like they did

that statue of Saddam Hussein.

Then, seeing as Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-

Gonzalez are so gung-ho in favor

of water torture, why not lock them

in those dunking tanks where somebody

sits suspended over a tank of water and

people pay to try to hit the bull’s-eye?

Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez

and Karl Rove could make the rounds

of state and county fairs here and abroad

for years to come in those dunking tanks

and raise lots of money to rebuild Iraq

with lots of money left over for UNICEF.

Al Qaeda, you beheaded the wrong Perle

––it’s Richard you wanted, not Daniel!

Yes, impeachment would be too lenient

for those who deserve a Nuremberg trial.

Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld who killed

more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein.

Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld who sent

more Americans to their deaths

than Osama Bin 9/11.

But because we believe in mercy

we’ll let them off easy: surrender

the above-mentioned Neo-Conmen

on condition the terrorists promise

to cool it on the terrorism and accept

our dunking tank solution.

Seems a fair swap: the terrorists

get to take Bush-Cheney et al on tour

in dunking tanks.  In return we get

the terrorists’ promise on a stack

of Korans to cut out the terrorism––

and not behead Bush-Cheney et al

as beheading is cruel and unusual,

no less when Muslims do it with a sword

than when the French guillotined

anti-colonial Muslims in 1950s Algiers.



––an American poet who prefers to remain

                 anonymous lest he be renditioned and

                 waterboarded or worse for writing this