N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  0  6






The Deaf Club



They rented the

place 1978 to

punk rock bands

The deaf liked the

music you could

feel the beat through

the floor

eventually it

got shut

down because

of the noise


- San Francisco, recalled 4/8/05




Blue-Haired Junkie Boy



The junkie leaves

the hospital with

a nod, so gentle

in his speech

to friend, this

same blue-haired kid

earlier harsh-tongued, angry

without his

medicine, but still

creepy ectoplasm, his grey

ghost floating past

as I return home from work to my

wife who’s sober

3 months, up

from San Diego

rehab on medical

appointment, healthy

looking, much

stronger, the

first hope I’ve








Old Ghoul Thoughts



Last night the old goth band played

today tired old goth I drag my relic carcass home

through the Mission

past the street of hookers & addicts w/ bright alley murals

in the Latino section of town

I’m 20 years sober

old vampire hunter w/ a secret jones for goth girl blood

suckers & a wife in rehab for pill hunger – sun’s going

down but shades stay on my tired old eyes that have

already become what they behold –

still vision clearer than the grey world I walk

hours from indictments of an evil White House

strung out on oil –

popular t-shirt on the streets

cocaine Scarface

violent thug of appetite




Writ day of indictment and resignation for false testimony of Lewis “Scooter” Libby, vice presidential aide.




Medicine Buddha Menu



Lipitor prescription at the Free Clinic

lower my bad cholesterol

(new silver streak delighting my goth hair dresser)

orthotics in shoes

arthritic toes from many years’ cowboy boots imitating

Michael McClure’s Beard Billy the Kid –

wrists and hands complain about a living made from typing –

Mind cheery meditation & Paxil anti-depressant

far happier than boner youth priapic

or alcohol’s bad medicine

grass and acid fake light

cocaine’s Nazi humor

quaaludes’ loopy slam dance

now even sugar given up

(South Beach diet)

(though still a

coffee vampire)







Fresh Lotus Rehab



My wife’s back, it’s Pet Sematary gone right

my bunny’s back from the grave

a James Dean zombie ready for that sports car run

(let’s get it right this time)

he turned 75 a day or

two ago & like my wife no decay

Back from the Swamp

fresh lotus

you can’t drown a kitten 9 times

don’t even try

rehab’d upgrade

cybrog Jason X comes out

swinging that machete

can’t keep the good ones