N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  0  6






Doesn’t Have to Believe to Be Born



A baby in the womb

         doesn’t have to believe

                 its Mother exists

         to be born.

A baby inside its Mother

         doesn’t have to believe

                 it’s inside its Mother

         to be born.

A baby in utero

         doesn’t have to believe

                 it will be born

         to be born.

An unborn baby

         doesn’t have to believe in

                 life after birth

         to be born

                 grow up

         live long

                 life before death.

A baby in the womb

         doesn’t have to believe

                 in God to be born

         in a savior to be born

                 in a soul to be born

         in immortality to be born

                 in heaven to be born.

Baby in the womb

         one night,

Next night

         baby nursing

                 in its Mother’s arms.




Firing Squad vs. Jack Off Squad



Rather than blow taps over dead soldiers

in coffins with flags draped o'er them,

Blow taps o'er live soldiers in uniform

who never killed anyone

getting blowjobs from live soldiers in uniform

who never killed anyone

and wipe their sucked off cocks with our flag. 

How beautiful the young soldiers are in uniform

with their erections sticking out

serviced by young recruits in uniform

on their knees.

How beautiful to see our flag

being used to wipe the lips

of our devout cocksuckers in uniform

and the ecstatic cocks fulfilling their duty

to God and their country!

And instead of a firing squad

firing their rifles at the clouds

at the end of the ceremony

as the coffin lid is closed

and the coffin is lowered into the Earth,

A jack off squad of young recruits

who never killed anyone

jacking off toward the clouds

at the end of the ceremony

as the coffin in unearthed and opened

and the corpse rises and comes back to life!




Blind Boy Braille Daydream



Blind boys who are turned on

by smelling and licking

their armpits

as they jack off

And eat their own come

cause they like

its smell and taste

but would never in a million years

tell anyone,

Thrill to learn the constellations in braille,

to touch and feel and learn

with their sensitive fingerprints

the Big Dipper and Orion,

Able to see in their mind their shapes

we who can see can see

when we look up into

black velvet empyrean

or even when we close our eyes

and see them in our minds as they do,

But its braille erotica that excites them now,

the raised dots for sex words,

the raised dots for sex acts

sensitive fingertips of sensitive boys

so inexperienced eager to experience

turned on by caressing the raised dots

so their young fingers can thrill

to all the different sex acts and positions

described in braille in exquisite detail.

Yes, fundamentalist Islam and Christianity

could learn a thing or two

(or thing or zillion)

from observing through a keyhole

two blind boys in love

making love

not knowing they’re watched,

Just watching close-up how a blind boy’s fingers

caress his blind boy friend

and the look on their faces

when they come.

Too bad Christianity and Islam

can’t touch the Human Condition

as poignantly and sensitively

with as much tenderness

with as much compassion

with as much honor

with as much blessing

as an affectionate and loveable blind boy

who doesn’t believe in God, Christ, Mohammed

or any Bible

But fulfills the archetype of cosmic BoyLove

that existed before Mohammed, Christ or God

or any Bible

as he caresses his blind bestfriend.