N  a  p  a  l  m      H  e  a  l  t  h      S  p  a         R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  0  5



the holy war                                     2/26/05


odd apparitions

wearing turbans

a different faith


a different set

of values

lost in a desert


a politics of hate


to wage war


on any infidel


from an oasis of oil


everyone wants

to own


the little man

stands no chance

against those



buy or sell it

they conjure



who infiltrate

their homeland



rewrite scriptures as

death warrants


carried out  by

fanatic suicides


hoping the fever’s


purifies them


they topple men

chess pieces

of power


that take no prisoners


*                    *                    *




the Doomsday Machine                                 3/1/05


in order to know

where they come from

gray bodied     oriental eyed

aliens are partying


downing cases of

galactic beer given to

them by their captors

at Roswell


this makes them groggy

in preparation for

an operation to reveal

what makes them tick


things aren’t going

smoothly tho

the aliens are asking

for party hats and



they’re tearing

the whole place apart

they seem to get rowdy

when they drink


a cigar chomping

army surgeon

concludes that


despite their looks

they act like us

when they’re loaded


we’re trying

to make them feel at home

and that part might

be going well


                       they stumble around

                       their cells                      

                                       bumping their heads

                                       on the floor



that despite their great


they act

like people


scientists have

released a report


the Doomsday Lottery


showing that the

similarity of antics

makes them

the same as us


despite their strange appearance


*                          *                        *                      *




the tale of the poltergeist                               12/18/04


we all know his name

but we seldom see him

tho he’s present


he wears a camouflage

suit      he’s a chair

a desk     an answering

machine    a wastepaper



he’s been hired to do

what no one else will

he’s silently present

in our dreams     he’s

the hatchet man of

our nightmares


he thinks he’s honorable

he gets the job done

moving human beings

by haunting them

out of the way


he’s the curse controller

for a monstrous school board

that diets on teachers


he’s infamous

he thinks he’s invincible

he’s protected by a

mysterious employer

who rents him out

he’s a janitor who sweeps

away anyone disposable


he shrugs his shoulders

it’s his business to be the beast

and enjoy it     he’ll chew up

anyone in his way    he’s

immune to pesticides


his name is well known

marble floors crack

when it’s uttered

hordes of people flee

to escape his wrath


he’s a relation to the plague

the eradication of people

are notches on his belt


he handles every crisis


he takes no prisoners


he’s the incarnation

of a lingering disease


*                          *                       *