N  a  p  a  l  m      H  e  a  l  t  h      S  p  a         R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  0  5






Someone said to love your enemy.

Someone said thou shalt not kill.

Someone said to love your neighbor as yourself.

Someone said you can’t go there but

Someone said to follow your heart.

Someone said it isn’t possible but

Someone said yes it is,

yes it is.


       Gary Lawless



Here we are, in the hope and love of our friendship.

Here we are, with the sound inside our hearts.

Here we are, happy like the new world,

A world without darkness and fury.

Here we are, in the hands of love,

The sweet love of the earth.


Two countries,

And the air, and the fragrance,

And the smiles of justice.


Yes, my verses are all truth and joy.


       Manuel Alberto Garcia Alonso





Eleggua opens the way

Gives us a good road

A road of saints and spirits

A way into this green land

Smoke and a prayer

Rum and a flower

Drum and a song

A road of saints and spirits

Eleggua opens the way.


       Gary Lawless





This is my life,

Swift like the flowers

And I never scream

In the middle

Of the night.

I don’t believe in fate.

I don’t believe in coldness.

I don’t believe in silences.


This is the party of the truth

The truth coming with silence.


        Manuel Alberto Garcia Alonso





I am waiting for a boat,

Just offshore, stalled

In the fog –

A boat of revolution,

A boat of hope and joy.

I am waiting for the men,

Long hair and beards, smoking

Big cigars, who will

Ride down from the mountains on

Donkeys and mules.

I am waiting for whole

Towns to rise up,

Calling for justice, for liberty.

I am waiting for the courage

To step into my life,

Move toward the sounds of

People singing, join them in

Our walk to freedom.


        Gary Lawless



The Revolution

At the edge of the fog

Is a bleak, windy spot; discovery,

Reality and certainty.

People sing, translucent

As a light that sprouts

From the children.

I also wait,

Slow in motion,

Until my own freedom. 


        Manuel Alberto Garcia Alonso





The Eternal Harmony


I have a dream:

The clear wind,

The transparence of the air,

The marvelous fragrance

Of the earth,

The friendship between

The caribou and the men,

The splendid silence

Of the night,

The agreement

With the flowers,

The incredible

Message of

Eternal harmony,

The eternal harmony,

The harmony…


       Manuel Alberto Garcia Alonso