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from The Idiot News


Operation Jabberwocky


One can't avoid the obvious similarities between the logic of Lewis

Carroll's JABBERWOCKY and the Bush administration's reasons for war.

Let's begin with an enthymemic structural argument.  If borogoves are

mimsy and mome raths outgrabe, then it follows that jaws bite and claws

catch; an implied argument proving the connection between al-qaeda and

Saddam Hussein!


However, when Bush is lying in bed at night staring at the ceiling,

doesn't he realize that even the French gyle and gimble in the wabe?

After all, Bulgaria was the only country planning to join us on the

Security Council!  So why not rest by the tumtum tree?  Why not stand

awhile in thought?  Aren't we ALL a frumious bandersnatch?  Isn't it we

ourselves who whiffle through the tulgey wood?


But I digress! During his press conference, as in uffish thought he

stood, Bush was ACTUALLY quoted as saying, "Twas brillig, and the slithy

toves," fooling nobody! This is not an argument!  You can't just make a

statement like that and not back it up!  Essentially the entire world

disagrees twas brillig.  This false premise is followed by the

conclusion about the slithy toves that all but burbled as it came!


Doesn't the administration realize the damage done when basing your

entire foreign policy on Lewis Carroll's poetry?  How do you translate

Jabberwocky into Chinese?  Or Arabic, for that matter?  And despite

the obvious similarities, Carroll did not have the Middle East in mind

when he wrote Jabberwocky.  There was no inference intended.  Carroll is

purposely not giving us the big picture.  On that frabjous day, when he

galumphs back having slain the Jabberwock, we know only that he

chortles in his joy, and nothing more.


Thursday, 20 Mar 2003