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Total Love Awareness


That I need is total love awareness,

A total love awareness that does not fade.
Total love awareness—not the mind that

Puts one's enemy troops on a listserv.


What I need is total love awareness.

I'm sick of living in a society that insults the world.

Years from now, those who were so arrogant will admit

It was a lost cause from the start.


The corruptions before us are crowded with petty grotesques,

Malformations & phantoms playing meaningless antics.

On our watch, this, our own government, may be

The most tremendous failure of all time.


I embrace each man & woman, but none for their opinion,

Only in the disaggregate right to manifest a self-obedience

That walks with the countless common footsteps

Of total love awareness.


I have no use for a new model of global surveillance

Among police agencies & information assassins,

Just a total love awareness,

Cutting through everything.


24 February 2003



Goodbye Dog Star Man for Stan Brakhage


That was this.
This was that.

That will be this.

This will be that.


This is that & this.

That is this & that.

This & that are this & that.

That & this are that & this.


That & that are this & this.

This & this are that & that.

That & that will be that & that.

That & that are that & that.


This & this were this & this.

This & this will be this & that.

This that is this that.

This this is this this.


This this will be this this.

That that is that that.

That this is that that.

That that is that this.


That this will be that this.

This this was this that.

This that will be this that.

This that is this that.


12 March 2003



10 Centimeter Club


To join the 10 centimeter club

Twiddle her nipples

With your fingertip or tongue.

In ecstasy she'll cum at birth!


An eagle feather might be her pleasure

Or  flower petals—try sunflowers & orchids,

Lightly raking fingernails

Or your teeth across the nipple.


Light massage with oil works good,

As does rubbing across the nipple with your cock

Slow licking, twisting, continuous squeezing.

Rhythmic pulling, or pinching & pulling,


Simple kissing, French kissing, slapping,

If she's a bit of a sensation junky

A blindfold & some earplugs

Can initiate labor.


But don't forget the power of semen.

It's been known to kick start labor—

To soften the cervix, apply directly.

A blowjob may work just as well.


What conceived the babe

Can also bring it into the world.

Fucking in a slow or stalled labor

Often does the trick.


23 March 2003





Because my child was born during the battle for Baghdad

I am a Baghdaddio—a scarecrow in palace gardens & fields

That look out over the Tigris River.


I walk down Amirat Street, home to a mix of artists,

Past the city quarters with their large Sunni population

& well-connected Baghdadis.


I am a Baghdaddio—carefully vetted,

A warrior of poetry, stopping a moment in the poor Sh'i quarter.

I rebel against any political power.


I am elegant, neither a theoretician nor a sociologist.

I'm definitely not attracted to becoming militant.

We live on the same planet & we share the same fate.


We haven't yet entered the age when ideology is dead and buried.

What poisons my life is in the end

What poisons everything close to us.


Today, everything seems vague and catastrophic.

Millions of people are killed.

The result is always horrific destruction.


Push this analysis, you'll get crowds swept up by a hysteria of revenge.

But I do not write for people who pray in a mosque.

I write for people who live and die in society.


29 March 2003