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We Meet Today In Freedom's Name


one cannot blame the American soldiers

who in Fallujah

in the last two days

killed a lot of civilians

including young kids


when one is shot at

adrenalin pumps

blood races

jump jump jumpy


a quarter of an inch of motion

a twitch

you set off enormous devastating FIREPOWER





hundreds of  bullets in seconds


one soldier one fingertwitch sets off all the firepower

all the killpower

of  a whole World War Two platoon




just kids


strange environment


pumped up


even George Washington

in the wilds of western Pennsylvania



George's 1st Virginia regiment

firing at the 2nd Virginia regiment

2nd Virgina firing back

who shot first

who shot first

no one know

no one knows

forty dead and wounded

officers and men.


it's easy

try it

twitch your finger



people falling




but I blame the



the school the so called school

that the guys from the 82nd were in

was a typical Muslim religious compound a teki

holy  precinct  walled

with  mosque and minaret

as one could see

not on American TV

but on the net


rebroadcasting al jazeera


what have a near billion Muslims seen

these last few days

infidels occupying holy place

child size coffins carried by weeping families

broadcast rebroadcast

broadcast rebroadcast

infidels occupying a holy place

child size coffins weeping families

weeping families


remember the name  Fallujah

remember Fallujah

a place famous for massacres

a place famous for martyrs


a market place bombed

a crowded marketplace bombed

as in Sarajevo as in Jerusalem as in Dubrovnik

(The goddess of the market place is Aphrodite)


marketplace in Fallujah

day light people going about their business

buying food for their families

selling food for families


the official story

bombs went astray

150 killed at least


the peace movement story

the independent observer story

terror bombing in clear daylight

by low flying planes

American and British


Human Rights Watch

believes the 2nd story


hundreds killed hundreds injured

blocks of civilian homes  a hotel flattened

a row of modern 56 story apartment houses flattened

all around the market


the market now reopened

the market now renamed



this is the town in which the latest

accidental unintended killings of civilians took place


this is the town which requires the most sensitive handling

this is a town in which everyone lost a friend

or lost a family member

or lost family members

or lost  a limb or an eye

In the 91 bombing


God blesses no country not America not Iraq

God recognizes no nation not Israel not Palestine

God blesses people American Iraqis

God blesses

God blesses the innocent

God blesses the meek

God blesses those who suffer

does God bless even the killers



American Renaissance Criminals


should it not be remembered that America's literary pantheon

is full of  nuts and felons

crazy Emily won't come down

drug fiend Poe queer Whitman

even triple barreled Harvard men










felonious fellows


both in that riotous mob

impeded federal marshals

doing their lawful duty

trying to take into custody

Frank Sanborn Concord schoolmaster

of the notorious Secret Six

who financed John Brown's

attack on the federal arsenal

Secret Sixer got away


one of John Brown's Liberators escaped

Frank Merriam

wanted on the run he came

to Samuel Gridley Howe Secret Sixer

Sam lost his nerve

turned him from his door

Sam Howe good man

comrade of Byron

fought to free Greece

that day

his nerve broke


George Luther Stearns Secret Sixer

good man staunch abolitionist

Merriam came to him

he copped out too

freaked out

no help


but when Frank finally made it to Concord

where that shot heard around the world

echoes yet in some ears


schoolmaster Sanborn

hid him

super-sage Emerson

loaned horse and hay

eccentric Henry

drove Frank to the station


quickly efficiently criminally

no hesitating no doubt

literary gods

help one of the most wanted men in the USA

to get safe away to Canada


very serious

very serious crime

very serious criminals 

Henry and Ralph Waldo


very effective criminals


could they had be outlaw instincts


could be they had outlaw reactions


could be they outlaws



could be all true poets outlaws?


all true Americans?



as thru this world I ramble

I see lots of  funny men

some rob you with a six gun

some with a fountain pen


as thru this world I roam

I ain't never seen an outlaw

drive a family from its home

so sayeth

the bard


hail muse accomplice