What will say this
Something like was is

I can remember myself

How I gon remember them, him

Yall, with whens, oh the talk the

Discussions, serious with laughs

I dug Ed Dorn because he wd rather

Make you his enemy

Than Lie

No matter what AG & the others might think

Tho Allen, I can say, was reluctant as Naropa

That Ed had vowed to stay away

You know because of that drunken preacher

Allen's Tibetan Buddhist sexhound teacher

Anyway, that'
s what I hold of Ed

Thin straight blonde Cowboy

Movie looking white guy with the mind

Of a saw. Hey, me & Ed wd run it

We of the Green Lantern

By Day or By Night

No Evil will Escape

Our sight.

So to that hideous unrelenting deadly far left jab

Of this Dis world, the jabs are grabs

Look up, another of my peepas

Has booked.

Yeh, they was

Really here

& it wasn'
t for a

long time

whatever it seemed

way gone

Zizwe Ngafua

Split the other

Day, my man

A poet, God

& Gaston too

& Ed Dorn

a White dude

Straight as

The barrel

Of a pen

Called his self

A Gun Slinger

Tall rock hard

Slim, Hey, Ed

Gun Slinger,

You know, we'll get to argue