Clock that barks a different kind of dog every hour
        with drawing of each dog where the numbers
                1 through 12 would be,
Clock that meows a different kind of cat every hour
        with drawing of each cat where
                the numbers would be,
Clock that sings a different kind of bird every hour
        with drawing of each bird where
                the numbers would be,
Timepiece that announces each hour with a different kind of fart
        with close-up photo of hinder it poofed from
                where the numbers would be,
Hourglass whose narrow stem is in shape of a vagina
        and grains of sand sculptured
                into all different shapes of erect penises
                whisper through,
Watchfob that makes the screams of shot soldiers
        from a different kind of wound every hour
                with close-up of each wound
                        where the numbers would be,
Clocktower that makes deathrattles of people dying every hour
        from stroke, cancer, heart-attack, pneumonia,
                carcrash, drowning, burning, freezing,
                        falling, poisoning, hanging, beheading
                with sculpture of each deathface
                        where the numbers would be,
Church steeple bell that makes orgasmcries every hour
        of boys from age 11 to 23
                with photos of their ejaculation face
        flashed on a screen attached
                where the cross used to be,
Alarmclock that makes the squeals of different animals
        slaughterhoused every hour with portrait
                of butchery where numbers would be,
Grandfather clock that makes every hour
        the sound of girls' nipples getting stiff,
Grandfather clock that makes every hour
        the sound of lightningbugs' rear-ends
                when they light up,
Wrist watch of mountainclimber frozen in avalanche
        10,000 years later thawed out
                starts ticking again,
Clock in spaceship travelling so fast
        the hands on the clock go backwards so fast
                they can no longer be seen.


Doting on dust motes it occurs to me
        the Universe began as a dot,
                each of us began as a dot,
        a sentence ends with a dot,
                we put a dot over our small "i"
        and seen from 100 feet up        
                we look like a dot
        and in the brain of that dot
                the idea
Just as there are intergalactic extraterrestrials
        from other solar systems in our galaxy,
So there are extragalactic extraterrestrials
        from other galaxies in our Universe,
Plus extraUniverse extraterrestrials
        from other Universes simultaneous to ours,
And just as it'd be inconceivable and preposterous
        for us to try to teach all we know
                to an amoeba,
So it'd be inconceivable and preposterous
        for intergalactic extraterrestrials
                to try to teach all they know to us,
Or for extragalactic extraterrestrials
        to try to teach all they know
                to intergalactic extraterrestrials,
Or for extra Universe extraterrestrials
        to try to teach all they know
                to extragalactic extraterrestrials
When extraUniverse extraterrestrials
        are as far beyond extragalactic extraterrestrials
                as extragalactic extraterrestrials
        are beyond intergalactic extraterrestrials
                as intergalactic extraterrestrials
        are beyond us
                as we are beyond
        an amoeba
                as an amoeba is beyond
        the idea
In the brain of a dot
        that knows it looks like a dot
                100 feet up
        and knows we must dot our "i"
                and end our sentence with a dot
        in a Universe that began as a dot
                in which each of us began as a dot
        doting on dust motes it occurs to me . . . .


Tulips want to smell like girlcuntlips
        and won't take no for an answer.
Lilacs are prepared to pay any price
        to have boyanus be their odor aura.
Petunias emerge from the operation smiling
        smelling like girlarmpits do
                after jilling off.
All Wild Roses now smell like
All Lilies of the Valley now smell like
All Trilliums now smell like
        boydicks uncircumcised
                the prepuce rippling down
        as the gleaming erect glans
                sculptures itself.
Queen Anne's Lace is proud it smells like
        a 17-year-old's come
                on a cocksucker's lips.
Geraniums declare and insist
        their nascent scent of girl ass
                superior to any other.
Marigold's new smell
        is drunk virgin boypiss.
O Teenage Girl and Boy-Lovers——
        no need for boys or girls now!
Now you can swoon to your heart's delight
        whiffing this voluptuous bouquet
                remembering when you were young
        and could come just from smelling         
                a boy or girl's hair.


Let Christianity say what it will,
Let Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
        say what they will,
Let Judaism say what it will,
Let Native American spirituality,
        African American spirituality
                say what they will——
In awe of boyhood cock-awe
        I advance.
Jack off boys with the hands of the dead
        who can no longer jack off boys,
Jack off boys with the hands of the unborn
        who can not yet jack off boys.
Give blowjobs to boys not with your mouth alone
        but with the mouths of all the dead
                and the mouths of those still to be born.
Why not blow a boy's big cock in a single blowjob
        with all the mouths of all the cocksuckers on Earth
                alive or dead or yet to be?
Stack all the Bibles and sacred texts ever written
        on top of each other so they reach
                from Earth to the Moon and back
        and place next to them a teenage boy's
                exquisite dick:
        hard, throbbing, lubricating——
There's no question which most proves
        the existence of God and life after death.