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Mursalata Muhammad



Haiku Middle Passage Exhibit


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[“Haiku Middle Passage Exhibit” is used by permission of the author.]



Mursalata Muhammad is a native Detroiter. She currently resides in Caledonia Michigan and is an Associate Professor in the English Department at Grand Rapids Community College. Her creative passion is dedicated to art that provides civic engagement opportunities like the Haiku Middle Passage exhibit. This multidisciplinary exhibit, with its wide array of artists, is at  haikumiddlepassageexhibit.blogspot.com. “Haiku Middle Passage” is an artistic collaboration between poetry, visual art, and music with the purpose of reflection and action that result in discontinuing Modern Day Slavery. The exhibit shows a collective historical experience that mirrors an unacceptable present but predicts a more humane future. The exhibit goal is 200 exhibitions (and is always looking for sites).