Levette and Amsterdam had their secrets, their austerities.

Levette was in the military before going to film school.

She photographed the Lionesses––

First generation female frontline infantry cultural interface  

To needs of local community women.


Amsterdam fixes on the idea of going to banks, any bank, with Levette.

Bank people direct you past fine woodwork,

Furniture, a vault where money and valuables are stored,

“I Am The Walrus” on the in-house playlist,

Spliced-in coda from BBC King Lear.


Banks got hospitality, free coffee & food,

Women and men who look like

They aren’t living on the street.

When people ask, “What’s your message?”

Amsterdam & Levette answer, “We never felt

We were revealing just a message.”



23 October 2012




Spoken word version from Venerable Madtown Hall, copyright © 2013 by Jim Cohn.

Video clip from The Making of Venerable Madtown Hall, copyright © 2013 by Jim Cohn.