No Bodies
      for Zahra Kazemi

Salaam Zahra,
              your face, your mind
                            alive like Nose Mountain
strong, pointed, eternal
              I saw you on the firetower T.V.
                            you were covered
in a white shroud
              Iranian mourners lamented
                            & buried you.

Amina Lawal was to be buried
              to her neck
                            & stoned to death
her newborn, village crier
              of adultery
                            a free woman’s crime
The baby’s father is out
              of her picture
                            and the bearded court’s
After worldwide tremors
              she is free.

              Your body
rises even in death
              I read the newspaper
                            and wonder who you were?
We know
              you were a photojournalist
                            who lived inside refugee
camps in the Middle East
              You documented women
                            living in misery in Iraq
Afghanistan and Palestine
              You were a passionate witness
                            who photographed protestors
outside an Iranian prison
              We know
                            the Iranian government
arrested and beat you to death
              We know
                            you had migrated to Canada
where your only son
              has demanded your return
                            but corruption haunts terrains
and eyeballs fall
              alongside rocky

Your face on the firetower T.V.
              is a mountain, a glacier
                            the stream’s bedrock
How many other journalists
              have disappeared
                            in Iran, alongside
meteors of the Milky Way?
              How do we divine
                            whether these women
and men are alive or dead?
              Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad wrote
                            “the earth in elevation
reaches repetition changes into tunnels
              of connection”
                            People will remember you
even if your body