Poems From Penny Lane


Poems From Penny Lane
Edited by Gary Parrish, Jr. & LeAnn Bifoss
with an Introduction by Anne Waldman
farfalla press/McMillan and Parrish, 2003

     "Penny Lane is an institution in Boulder, an agora, a meeting place, a poetry center, venerable and popular among young and old, a melting pot of cultures, an intellectual asset to the Boulder community, a place for political and emotional discussion, a classic coffee house in the best Euro-American tradition, a place to go and read newspapers, muse, write, relax, and meditate."

     "Penny Lane's 'So, You're a Poet' reading series has maintained continuity, balance and humor as a sounding board for private consciousness, outside the homogenization of media."

— Allen Ginsberg
March 1, 1994

     "The anthology draws on those many moons of Monday nights and by the commitment and talent of younger writers and editors in the Naropa community. It is a ranging and engaging compilation. As such it represents a refreshing ongoing counter-poetics, outside the mainstreams of academia and lyrical 'mafia' officialdom."

— Anne Waldman
from the Introduction

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