The Back Side of the Painting

Walking the Louvre isn't the least bit daunting.
Who cares if one makes it into all the rooms?
Michelangelo's slaves look like they want to break out of the place anyway.
Prud'hon's angels of justice look quite human.
LeGuide's Cupid brings a monkey and dog together, so who can envy the
           human couples their good fortunes?
Salvator Rosa has stuck his horses' asses out at heroic battle's unsuspecting viewers
(how many warloving visitors have been mooned by Rosa's 17th century steeds?)
and Prestinari's 1600 Adonis is 10-feet tall and well-proportioned, but nevertheless
           has these funny red spots on his white marble dick.
I have to get back to work, so trip to Paris will be short.
But what are those red spots on that penis, I wanted to ask before leaving?
           1600 art or 1995 art terror?
Have Ronald McDonald's ketchup-splattering tentacles reached this far into France?
Or is this Adonis alive & growing nakedly revealed personality streaks?
Is this why Venus de Milo has thrown off her arms?
Is this why Delacroix's bare-breasted Liberty is taking the lead?
Is this why the Mona Lisa wears a bulletproof vest?

Eliot Katz 1995