Wail Bar Night



Wail Bar

Wail down Night

wail thy spectral headlights

   bulleting the factory charred

      heavens neon till dawn beyond

         returning to the unworkable


Let's be women & men again

Let's be exuberantly resplendent

Let this formica be hewn oak

Let's heat with wood & sun & work

   & wind

Let's cakewalk yell & rave

   & scream eternal connotation

Let's get drunk on universe

   is its own miracle!

Let's all know and become

   we can change our lives!


Wail Bar

Wail down the all night night!

A Mad Locomotive screaming

   over singing tracks of satori

      old story not the same snow

   swelling and gelling

      our galactic conscience

in the cross country Rocky

   mountain glow

We are the living relics of past martyrdom

We are the motley beautiful

   protectors of stowaway Honor!



Our love is supreme!

Our Code is unrehearsed!

Our mission is the Future!


this day of dogmatic selfishness

this virtue-izing of lookout

   for No. one

this scoffing of heroics

this demeaning of heroic accomplishment

this material priority — emotionless terror

these chemical masks unable to hide

   the crimes of totalitarian nationalism

      & paper religions founded on Fear

         of an outside Deity!

this paranoia, this body hatred

this genocidal pleasure

this doctrine of might

cannot endure our Wailing!


Wail Bar

Wail Down Night

   Halide gold lambent effulgent bright

      as light fly thru these abused muscles

         & joints & blood of smog indentured days

         & liver sick eves

O Night simple everyday magic Night

Hoist thy iron true hammer!

   of urgency

   of necessary justice

   of universal victory at last!

Hand liberating Hammer!

Hammer liberating Hammer!

The matriculating Scythians trample

   out the vintage!

Planeticide will be uninvented

   in the unevent

Slavery will be a dead word



Freedom shall mean taken for granted

God will have her name restored

and the Buddha will be everywhere


Let's be women and men again

Let this plastic be cedar

Let's put our window in the sun

Let's electrify our five senses

harnessing the unbusted horses

   powering the winds

Let's jump clean shouting

   unchewed courage

Roll giant superrealistic desires

   prepare to meld with unbeatable

        love movements to surrender it on

Let's dance till we're enlightened

Let's get high on our bodies

Let's talk about everything

Let's know and become

   We can change our lives!

Our choice is our inviolate power!

Open up to love from future Russia

Let's breathe without fighting

   for it!

Let's know and become it!

Wail Bar!

Wail Down the all night

New Jersey Wail Bar Night

Wail! Bar, Wail!