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1998 - 1999 Season

James Ryan Morris
by Ed Ward
October 13, 1998
James Ryan Morris   Ed Ward
Denver poet and literary critic James Ryan Morris, who died in 1978 and is buried in Dory Hill Cemetery outside Blackhawk, is one of one hundred faces imaged in black and white tile on the side of the Colorado Convention Center, celebrating those people considered to have helped shape Colorado culture. Appearing in numerous 50's, 60's and 70's small press publications, his books include The Hands, She Said, He Has Heard, Diana's Smile and 13 Sounds.

Passion Press editor Ed Ward is the author of three books of poetry: ladywho, citysight and soloists. Recipient of a Colorado Arts Award for Poetry in 1979 and the 1998 Westword Best Poetry Reading award, he is the long-standing host at the Friday Night Poetry Reading series at The Mercury Cafe.

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Robert Duncan
by Lisa Jarnot
November 17, 1998
Robert Duncan 
Lisa Jarnot

Robert Duncan, author of The Opening of the Field, Roots and Branches, Bending the Bow and Ground Work: Before the War, was said by Lawrence Ferlinghetti to have had the finest ear this side of Dante. Like Dante, he was poet of cosmic imagination, insisting on the force of love and revelations of the mythological in the everyday world. He will be the subject of a lecture entitled "The Ill-kept Garden: Robert Duncan's The Opening of the Field" by Naropa University Kerouac School of Poetics visiting writer Lisa Jarnot.

Lisa Jarnot is the author of Heliopolis (rem press, 1998), Sea Lyrics (Soho Letter Press, 1996), and Some Other Kind of Mission (Burning Deck, 1996).  She is writing a biography of the American poet Robert Duncan.

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Anne Waldman
by Akilah Oliver
January  19, 1999
Anne Waldman   Akilah Oliver

Anne Waldman is the author of more than thirty books of poetry and the distinguished professor of Poetics at Naropa University. She also serves on the faculties of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe and the Schule für Dictung in Vienna when not performing her work around the globe.  The two recent volumes of her 648 page postmodern, feminist epic mythologue Iovis will be the subject of a lecture by Akilah Oliver, who will explore the use of poetry as a feminist and subversive dialogue.

Akilah Oliver is the author of the forthcoming book of poems, The She Said Dialogues. Oliver has co-developed multicultural poetry and performance curriculum as an artist-in-residence at the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice Beach, and currently teaches a course entitled "Poetry as a Subversive Dialogue" at Naropa.

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Alice Notley
by Patrick Pritchett
February 23, 1999
Alice Notley 
Patrick Pritchett

Alice Notley is the author of numerous books of poetry, including How Spring Comes, At Night The States, and the double volume Close to Me and Closer and Desamere, The Descent of Alette, and most recently,  Mysteries of Small Houses. A two-time NEA grant recipient and winner of numerous awards and grants, she is concerned with creating a body of work reflective of an original, breathtakingly inventive feminine voice in poetry that is resistive to easy categorization. A truly distinctive American voice, Alice Notely is an integral force in the second-generation of New York School of Poetry.

Boulder poet, essayist, and cultural scholar Patrick Pritchett is the author of Ark Dive. His essay on the work of Anselm Hollo will be featured in Thus Spake the Corpse.  His poems have appeared in New American Writing, Rhizome, Mirage, Bombay Gin and River City, among others. His book reviews have been published in the American Book Review, LA View, and the Boulder Daily Camera.

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Carla Harryman
by Laura Wright
March 16, 1999
Carla Harryman   Laura Wright

Carla Harryman is the author of many books, including Vice, Animal Instincts, Memory Play, and There Never Was a Rose Without a Thorn. Currently residing in Michigan, she was active in creating the Poet's Theater in San Francisco. Her work, which challenges commonly accepted notions of genre and narrative, will be the subject of a lecture by Laura Wright entitled "New Narratives: The Work of Carla Harryman."

Laura Wright has an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Her work has appeared in various magazines, including Bombay Gin, Fell Swoop, Gass, and Kiosk. Current projects include translation of a book by Henri Michaux.  Her thesis was on the work of Carla Harryman.

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Charles Olson by Reed Bye
April 13, 1999
Charles Olson   Reed Bye

Inventor of the word "postmodern," Charles Olson is best known for his theory and practice of the "projective" as a means of energizing the verse line. The subject of a talk entitled, "Rush and Push: Charles Olson and the Postmodern Style in Poetry," Olson said, "The distinction here is between language as the act of the instant and language as the act of thought about the instant."

Reed Bye is the author of several books of poems; most recently, Passing Freaks and Graces. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado with dissertation on modernist prosody. Currently, he is Chair of the Deparment of Writing and Poetics at The Naropa University.

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