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American Poet Greats Lecture Series

1997 - 1998 Season

Jack Kerouac
by Thomas R. Peters, Jr. 
November 17, 1997
Jack Kerouac
Tom Peters
 Visions of Gerard, Doctor Sax, Maggie Cassidy, On the Road, Visions of Cody, Desolation Angels, The Subterranean, Tristessa, The Dharma Bums, Big Sur, Satori in Paris, Mexico City Blues, The Scripture of the Golden Eternity—the big wild pure sad outpourings by Jack Kerouac are subject of the first part of an ongoing analysis of the seminal figure of the Beat Generation. 

Poet, bibliophile and poolshark Thomas R. Peters, Jr. lives in Boulder, Colorado where for well over 650 consecutive Monday evenings he has produced the "So You're A Poet" reading series. Author of Over the Roofs of the World and 100 Missed Train Stations, he is owner of the Beat Book Shop. 
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Philip Whalen
by Randy Roark 
December 9, 1997
Philip Whalen
Randy Roark
On October 6, 1955, Philip Whalen read with Kerouac, Ginsberg, Snyder, Philip Lamantia, and Michael McClure in the historical Six Gallery reading. He is the author of numerous books of poetry, including Like I Say and Memoirs of an Interglacial Age, On Bear's Head and Canoeing Up Cabarga Creek. In 1973 he was ordained Unsui (Zen Buddhist monk). Currently he is the Abbot of Hartford Street Zen Center in San Francisco. 

Poet and Dadaist Randy Roark is the author of Awakening Osiris. Archivist and confidante to Allen Ginsberg, Diane Di Prima, Anne Waldman, as well as publisher of the acclaimed Friction magazine, Roark's talk focuses on Whalen's being "a true innovator of form, exaltation of small beauties, and Buddhist wisdom." 

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Clark Coolidge, Jackson Mac Low, Harry Mathews & Stephen Rodefer
by Michael Friedman 
January 20, 1998 
 Michael Friedman 
Four of America's most eminent and distinctive experimental poets—Clark Coolidge (Mine: The One That Enters The Stories), Jackson Mac Low (Twenties), Harry Mathews (Selected Declarations of Independence) and Stephen Rodefer—are the subject of a talk about models of postmodernism. 

Michael Friedman lives in Denver, Colorado after having received his BA from Columbia and MA in English Literature from Yale. He is the author of Arts & Letters, Cameo, Special Capacity, Distinctive Belt and has been editor of SHINY since 1986.

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Frank O'Hara
by Sue Rhynhart 
February 17, 1998 
Frank O'Hara
Sue Rhynhart
There is probably no body of work by a single poet best exemplifying the exquisite occasionality of the New York School than that of the joyous surrealism of poet-curator Frank O'Hara. Author of Lunch Poems, Poems Retrieved, Meditations in an Emergency, O'Hara gives America a sensuous body of poetry unforgettable for its elegant, conversational, and mysterious personism. 

Sue Rhynhart lives in Lyons, Colorado where she rides a horse named Jazz Green scholar poet of the oral tradition, her work has appeared in Bombay Gin, Friction, Napalm Health Spa and Action, presented Frank O'Hara in relation to the great artists he was so deeply affected by.

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Emily Dickinson
by Joseph Richey 
March 24, 1998 
Emily Dickinson
Joseph Richey
Emily Dickinson is America's first modernist poet, explorer of the personal small-form emblematic poem, and innovator of "electric supercharging of lines." Her work is discussed in relation to its natural ambiguity, "word stacking" and an acceptance of an essential unresolvability towards solitude. 

Poet, translator, and musician Joseph Richey lives in Boulder, Colorado. Richey publisher of the Boulder micropress Selva Editions, and the bilingual literary magazine The Underground Forest, is the author of Riding the Big Earth.

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Ani DiFranco
by Shira Segal 
April 21, 1998 
Ani DiFranco
Shira Segal
The high-velocity lyric feminist, Ani DiFranco, author of a prodigious twelve recordings in nine years, including Not A Pretty Girl, Dilate and Little Plastic Castle, is redefining the personal, social and political aesthetic discourse of the 90s. This presentation ponders the social construction of gender, the limits of identity, and the importance of gaining control of the means of one's art. 

Shira Segal, author of Meanwhile Woman: Spoken Word in the LowerCase: 1994-1997, lives in Boulder where she attends the Univerity of Colorado. She offered a critical examination and celebration of this important American poet-songwriter/musician in the early flames of her inspiration. 
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I. 7 
Paul Blackburn
by Jim Cohn 
May 19, 1998 
Paul Blackburn
Jim Cohn
Paul Blackburn took naturally to Olson's concept of the poem as an instrument of notating oral performance, speech rhythms, and composition-by-field. Author of 13 books of poetry, including Cities, In . On. Or About the Premises, Halfway Down the Coast, Against the Silences and The Journals, Blackburn was instrumental in the creation of the poetry Project at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery. 

Jim Cohn is the author of The Dance Of Yellow Lightning Over The Ridge, Grasslands and Prairie Falcon. He presents a survey of Blackburn poems and tapes to illustrate the development of Blackburn's formal contributions at the crossroads of Beat, New York, Deep Image and Black Mountain schools. 
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