SM: Given that music is a collection of patterns, and man is a collection of patterns, what separates man from music?


SW: Business.


SM: Please recommend a phrase to speak aloud moments before shuffling off the mortal coil.



son of the sun

friend of the wind

life of the womb

reborn once again


SM: What is something you know to be true?


SW: God is a DJ.


SM: What would we know if we didn’t know trouble?


SW: Ourselves, a little bit better.


SM: In the middle of the interview, an anecdote is requested.


SW: First time I went to Utah, I grabbed my bag out of baggage claim, stepped outside where a drunk man turned to me and said, “I feel more like I do, now, than I did when I first got here”. Later that week, when we won top prize at the Sundance film festival the first thought that came to my head was the drunk man’s declaration.


SM: What is your first reaction to the sight of a man who looks nearly identical to you?


SW: I put whatever money I have into his cup.


SM: Please describe an impressionable moment from childhood.


SW: When, the 80’s group, the Thompson Twins told me I was an incredible breakdancer.


SM: If the street you live on could speak, what would the people who walk it know after hearing it?


SW: They’re lucky to be alive.


SM: How do you plan on celebrating your 100th birthday?


SW: It’s gonna be real dirty.


SM: What was the first thing you thought to yourself on waking up this morning?


SW: The future’s mistress is history’s whore.




[This interview first appeared in Scene Missing Magazine on January 27, 2005. Permission to reprint was granted by Jason Mallory.]