Overview of Postbeat Poets Chronology

Simply, “Postbeat” indicates a constellation of poets after Beat Generation works began to mainline early U.S. mass media culture, late 1950s, early 1960s.Postbeat may indicate Beat influence––direct or otherwise. Postbeat may also suggest a kind of poetics that furthers the spectrum of multicultural advances and/or social justice changes since the Beat Generation. Where oppression and censorship reign, Postbeat may portend a complex set of underground global ars poetica grassroot agendas for such advancement and/or social justice. The term also suggests distinct historical and generational scenarios impacted by technologies unknown to the Beat Generation. In some circles, Postbeat carries forward the idea of spoken word improvisized jazz forms developed by Jack Kerouac. In other spheres, Postbeat may imply a living “heart son and heart daughter” of Allen Ginsberg based upon documented evidence contained in the public record. Some music journalists have given the tag of “Postbeat” to popular American cultural singer/poets such as Bob Dylan and Patti Smith. Postbeat provides an alternative to the “Postmodern” movement. More information on Postbeat Poets can be found at the Museum of American Poetics Postbeat Poets Activist Scholarship Project.


Included in this Postbeat Poets Chronology: 1962-2010, are books of poetry, poetics, cultural prose, works by the authors as editors, translators, publishers, directors & producers, as well as some audio/visual recordings & founding of magazine, presses, clubs, literary centers, and/or schools. The reader is introduced to The Chronology with a list of poets whose works are cited arranged by year of birth. This Chronology and listing of poets is a work-in-progress.


POETS (by year of birth)

Finvola Drury, 1927.

bobby johnson, 1929.

Joanne Kyger, 1934.

Sonia Sanchez, 1934.

Sam Abrams, 1935.

Ira Cohen, 1935.

Jayne Cortez, 1936.

Alicia Ostriker, 1937.

Paul Mariah [aka Paul Jones], 1938-1996.

Ishmael Reed, 1938.

Clark Coolidge, 1939.

Ed Sanders, 1939.

Miguel Algarín, 1941.

Bob Dylan, 1941.

Sharon Olds, 1942.

Janine Pommy-Vega, 1942-2010.

Andy Clausen, 1943.

Quincy Troupe, 1943.

Michael Davidson, 1944.

Pedro Pietri, 1944-2004.

Vernon Frazer, 1945.

Bernadette Mayer, 1945.

Alice Notley, 1945.

Anne Waldman, 1945.

Antler, 1946.

Andrei Codrescu, 1946.

Wanda Coleman, 1946.

Greg Keeler, 1946.

Jeff Poniewaz, 1946.

Patti Smith, 1946.

Billy Burroughs, Jr., 1947-1981.

Yusef Komunyakaa, 1947.

Ingrid Swanberg, 1947.

Reed Bye, 1948.

David Cope, 1948.

Bob Holman, 1948.

Bob Rixon, 1948.

Jim Carroll, 1949-2009.

Eileen Myles, 1949.

Eliot Weinberger, 1949.

Richard Wilmarth, 1949-2003.

Bob Rosenthal, 1950.

Sapphire, 1950.

Joy Harjo, 1951.

Gary Lawless, 1951.

Ron Rodriguez, 1951.

Michael Rothenberg, 1951.

Jack Wiler, 1951-2009.

Denyse Du Roi 1952.

Kirpal Gordon, 1952.

Ali Zarrin, 1952.

Jim Cohn, 1953.

M.L. Liebler, 1953.

Peter Marti, 1953.

Marc Olmsted, 1953.

Michael Pingarron, 1953-2006.

Lorna Dee Cervantes, 1954.

kari edwards, 1954-2006.

Andy Hoffman, 1954.

Randy Roark, 1954.

Lesléa Newman, 1955.

Steven Taylor, 1955.

Kenny Lerner 1956.

Martín Espada, 1957.

Eliot Katz, 1957.

Miriam Nathan Lerner, 1957.

Wang Ping, 1957.

Steven Silberman, 1957.

Danny Shot, 1957.

Josephy Richey, 1958.

Nancy Mercado, 1959.

Gerard Rizza, 1959-1992.

Brenda Coultas, 1960.

Steven Hirsch, 1960.

Thomas R. Peters, Jr., 1960.

Sharon Mesmer, 1960.

Akilah Oliver 1961-2011.

Paul Beatty, 1962.

Peter Cook, 1962.

Lee Ann Brown, 1963.

David Roskos, 1964.

Eleni Sikelianos, 1965?

Katie Yates, 1965.

Sherman Alexie, 1966.

Kristin Prevallet, 1966.

Sarah Jeanne Peters, 1967.

Carmen Bugen, 1970.

Lisa Birman, 1971.

Rob Geisen, 1971.

Terrance Hayes, 1971.

Anselm Berrigan, 1972.

Saul Williams, 1972.

Holly Jones, 1975.


The Chronology



Ed Sanders founded Fuck You/A Magazine of the Arts, NY, NY.



Ed Sanders, Poems from Jail, City Lights Books.



Ira Cohen published Gnaoua, Number 1.

Ed Sanders & Tuli Kupferberg found The Fugs.



Joanne Kyger, The Tapestry and The Web, Four Seasons Foundation.

Ed Sanders & The Fugs, The Fugs First Album [CD], Fantasy.



Sam Abrams, Barbara, Ferry Press.

Clark Coolidge, Flag Flutter & U.S. Electric, Lines Books.

Joel Oppenheimer, Black Mountain/New York School-associated poet and Village Voice columnist,
           becomes the first Director of The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.

Anne Waldman is hired to serve as Assistant Director of The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.



Jim Carroll, Organic Trains, Penny Press.

Ed Sanders & Tuli Kupferberg, The Fugs: The Belle of Avenue A, Reprise.



Bernadette Mayer, Story, 0 to 9 Press.

Janine Pommy-Vega, Poems to Fernando, City Lights Books.

Quincy Troupe, ed., Watts Poets and Writers, House of Respect.

Anne Waldman begins tenure as Director (1968-1978) of The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.



Jayne Cortez, Pissstained Stairs and the Monkey Man's Wares, Phrase Text.

Paul Mariah & Richard Tagett found ManRoot magazine and ManRoot Press in San

Francisco, CA.

Sonia Sanchez, Homecoming, Broadside Press.



Billy Burroughs, Jr., Speed, Olympia Press.

Jim Carroll, 4 Ups and 1 Down, Angel Hair Press.

Clark Coolidge, Space, Harper & Row.

Joanne Kyger, Places To Go, Black Sparrow Press.

----, Joanne, Angel Hair Books.

Ishmael Reed, Catechism of D Neoamerican HooDoo Church, P. Bremin.

Sonia Sanchez, We a Baddddd People, Broadside Press.

Ed Sanders, Shards of God [novel], Random House.

----, Sanders Truckstop [album/CD], Reprise Records.

Anne Waldman, Giant Night: Selected Poems, Corinth Books.

----, Baby Breakdown, Bobbs-Merrill.

Eliot Weinberger, ed./trans., Octavio Paz, Eagle or Sun? October House.



Clark Coolidge, The So: Poems 1966, Adventures in Poetry.

Joanne Kyger, Desecheo Notebook, Arif Books.

Bernadette Mayer, Moving, Angel Hair Books.

Ishmael Reed cofounded Yardbird Publishing Company.



Paul Mariah, Love Poems to an Army Deserter Who is In Jail, Empty Elevator Shaft

Poetry Press.

Ishmael Reed, Conjure: Selected Poems, 1963-1970, University of Massachusetts Press.

Ed Sanders with Abby Hoffman & Jerry Rubin, Vote, Warner Paperback Library.

----, Beer Cans on the Moon [album/CD], Reprise Records.

Patti Smith, Seventh Heaven, Telegraph Books.



Billy Burroughs, Jr., Kentucky Ham, E.P. Dutton.

Jim Carroll, Living at the Movies, Grossman .

Andy Clausen, Extreme Unction, Litmus Press.

Clark Coolidge, Suite V, Adventures in Poetry.

Jayne Cortez, Scarifications, Bola Press.

Pedro Pietri, Puerto Rican Obituary, Monthly Review Press.

Ishmael Reed, Chattanooga, Random House.

---- founded Reed, Cannon, and Johnson Communications.

Sonia Sanchez, Love Poems, Third Press.

Ed Sanders, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Institute of Further Studies.

Patti Smith, Witt, Gotham Book Mart.



Sam Abrams, The Post-American Cultural Congress, The Bobbs-Merrill Company.

Ira Cohen founded Bardo Matrix/Starstream Editions, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Clark Coolidge, The Maintains, This Press.

David Cope, ed. Big Scream poetry journal #1, Nada Press.

bobby johnson, the-rastabook, [n.p.].

Joanne Kyger, Trip Out and Fall Back, Arif Press.

Paul Mariah, Letter to Robert Duncan While Bending the Bow, ManRoot Publications.

----, Six Imaginary Letters of Young Caesar on the Bythenian Tour, 81 B.C., ManRoot


----, The Spoon Ring, Contraband Press.

Janine Pommy-Vega, Journal of a Hermit, Cherry Valley Editions.

Sonia Sanchez, A Blues Book for a Blue Black Magic Woman, Broadside Press.

Anne Waldman & Allen Ginsberg found the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

at Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO.



Miguel Algarín & Miguel Pinero, eds., Nuyorican Poetry: An Anthology of Puerto Rican

Words and Feelings, William Morrow & Co.

Ira Cohen, 7 Marvels, Bardo Matrix: Starstream Editions.

Clark Coolidge, Polaroid, Adventures in Poetry/Big Sky.

Joanne Kyger, All This Every Day, Big Sky.

M.L. Liebler, The Martyr of Pig, Ridgeway Press.

Bernadette Mayer, Ceremony Latin (1964), Angel Hair Books.

Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory, Stonehill Publication Company.

Anne Waldman, Fast Speaking Woman and Other Chants, City Lights Books.



Ira Cohen with Petra Vogt, Poems from the Cosmic Crypt, Bardo Matrix: Starstream


----, From the Divan of Petra Vogt, Cold Turkey Press.

Michael Davidson, The Mutabilities & The Foul Papers, Sand Dollar Books.

M.L. Liebler, Unfinished Man in the Perfect Mirror, Ridgeway Press.

Ron Rodriguez, The Captains That Dogs Aren't, Washington Writers Publishing House.

Paul Mariah, Personae Non Gratae, Shameless Hussy.

----, Apparitions of a Black Pauper’s Suit: 13 Eulogies, Hoddypoll Press.

Bernadette Mayer, Studying Hunger, Adventures in Poetry/Big Sky.

----, Poetry, Kulchur Foundation.

Alice Notley, Alice Ordered Me to Be Made: Poems 1975, Yellow Press.

Janine Pommy-Vega, Morning Passage, Telephone Books.

Bob Rosenthal, Cleaning Up New York, Angel Hair Books.

Ed Sanders, Investigative Poetry [a manifesto], City Lights Books.

----, 20,000 A.D., North Atlantic Books.

Anne Waldman, Journals and Dreams, Stonehill Publication Company.

----, Bonnie Shulman, Cindy Shelton, & Barbara Meier, eds., found Bombay Gin magazine

in Boulder, CO.



Ira Cohen, Gilded Splinters, Bardo Matrix: Starstream Editions.

Jayne Cortez, Mouth on Paper, Bola Press.

Michael Davidson, Summer Letters, Black Sparrow Press.

Bob Dylan, Tarantula: Poems, Penguin Books.

Yusef Komunyakaa, Dedications and Other Darkhorses, self-published.

Bernadette Mayer, Eruditio Ex Memoria, Angel Hair Books.

Pedro Pietri, Invisible Poetry, Downtown Train Publications.

Patti Smith, Babel, G.P. Putnam’s & Sons.



Miguel Algarín, Mongo Affair, The East Village Press/Nuyorican Press.

Reed Bye, Some Magic at the Dump, Angel Hair Books.

Jim Carroll, The Basketball Diaries, Tombouctou.

Clark Coolidge, Quartz Hearts, This Press.

----, Own Face, Angel Hair Books.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Nancy J. Peters, City Lights Journal #4 [anthology], City Lights


James Laughlin, New Directions in Prose & Poetry #37 [anthology with Allen Ginsberg

choices of young poets], New Directions Books.

Paul Mariah, This Light Will Spread: Selected Poems 1960-1975, ManRoot Publications.

Bernadette Mayer, The Golden Book of Words, Angel Hair.

Eileen Myles, The Irony of the Leash, Jim Brodey Books.

Ishmael Reed, A Secretary to the Spirits, NOK Publishers International.

Anne Waldman & Marilyn Webb, eds., Talking Poetics: Annals of the Jack Kerouac

School of Disembodied Poetics Volumes 1 & 2, Shambhala Publications.



Wanda Coleman, Mad Dog Black Lady, Black Sparrow Press.

Joy Harjo, What Moon Drove Me to This?, I. Reed Books.

Bob Holman, The Rainbow Raises Its Shoulder/When A Flower Grows, Chinatown

Planning Council.

----, Tear To Open, Power Mad Press.

bobby johnson, monroe... (an avenue, [n.p.].

Yusef Komunyakaa, Lost in the Bonewheel Factory, self-published.

Eileen Myles & Anne Waldman, Polar Ode, Dead Duke Books.

Pedro Pietri, Loose Joints [LP], Folkways Records.

Janine Pommy-Vega, Journal of a Hermit &, Cherry Valley Editions.

Quincy Troupe, Snake-Back Solos: Selected Poems 1969-1977, I. Reed Books.

Anne Waldman & Denyse Du Roi, Sphinxeries, Rocky Ledge Editions.



Miguel Algarín, On Call, Arte Publico Press.

Antler, Factory, City Lights Books.

Reed Bye, Erstwhile Charms, Rocky Ledge Cottage Editions.

Jim Carroll, Catholic Boy [CD], Atco.

Jim Cohn, Green Sky, [n.p.].

Clark Coolidge, Smithsonian Depositions & Subject to a Film, Vehicle Editions.

M.L. Liebler, Measuring Darkness, Ridgeway Press.

Joanne Kyger, The Wonderful Focus of You, Z Press.

Lesléa Newman, Just Looking For My Shoes, Back Door Press.

Alice Notley, When I Was Alive, Vehicle Editions.

Sharon Olds, Satan Says, University of Pittsburgh Press.

Alicia Ostriker, The Mother/Child Papers, Momentum Press.

Janine Pommy-Vega, The Bard Owl, Kulchur Foundation.

Ed Sanders, The ZD Generation, Station Hill Press.



Reed Bye, Border Theme, Z Press.

Lorna Dee Cervantes, Emplumada, University of Pittsburgh Press.

Ira Cohen, The Stauffenberg Cycle and Other Poems, The Amsterdam School/Poetry


Clark Coolidge, A Geology, Potes & Poets Press.

Michael Davidson, The Prose of Fact, The Figures.

Bob Holman, 8 Chinese Poems, Peeka Boo Press.

Joanne Kyger, Up My Coast, Floating Island Publications.

Eileen Myles, A Fresh Young Voice From the Plains, Power Mad.

Alice Notley, Waltzing Matilda, Kulchur Foundation.

----, How Spring Comes, Coffee House Press.

Ingrid Swanberg, Flashlights, Ghost Pony Press.

Eliot Weinberger, ed./trans., Homero Aridjis, Exaltation of Light, Boa Editions.



Miguel Algarín, Body Bee Calling from the 21st Century, Arte Publico Press.

Clark Coolidge, Research, Tuumba Press.

----, Mine: The One That Enters the Stories,  The Figures.

Jayne Cortez, Firespitter, Bola Press.

Eliot Katz & Danny Shot, eds., found Long Shot.

Greg Keeler, Spring Catch, Confluence Press.

M.L. Liebler & Edie Kerouac-Parker, eds., Save the Frescoes that are Us: A Detroit

Tribute to Jack Kerouac, Ridgeway Press.

Bernadette Mayer, Midwinter Day, Turtle Island Foundation.

Eileen Myles, Sappho’s Boat, Little Caesar.

Randy Roark, ed., FRICTION magazine #1 [issues published 1982-1986, 1995-1997].

Anne Waldman, First Baby Poems, Rocky Ledge.

----, Uh-Oh Plutonium! [CD], Hyacinth Girls Music.

Ali Zarrin, Ghazal [Scroll Poem], Alien Books.



Jim Cohn, ACTION magazine #1 [issues through 1997].

Wanda Coleman, Imagoes, Black Sparrow Press.

David Cope, Quiet Lives, Humana.

Joanne Kyger, Going On: Selected Poems 1958-1980, Dutton.

Pedro Pietri, Traffic Violations, Waterfront Press.



Jim Carroll, I Write Your Name [CD], Atlantic Records.

Joy Harjo, She Had Some Horses, Thunder’s Mouth Press.

Yusef Komunyakaa, Copacetic, Wesleyan University Press.

Bernadette Mayer, Utopia, United Artists Books.

Sharon Olds, The Dead and the Living, Knopf Publishing Group.

Randy Roark, FRICTION magazine # 5/6 “Obscure Genius,” [Allen Ginsberg, guest


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Ingrid Swanberg, Letter to Persephone & Other Poems, Rhiannon Press.

Quincy Troupe, Skulls Along the River, I. Reed Books.

Anne Waldman, Makeup on Empty Space, Toothpaste Press.



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Andy Clausen, The Iron Curtain of Love, Long Shot Publications.

Jayne Cortez, Coagulations: New and Selected Poems, Pluto.

Michael Davidson, The Landing of Rochambeau, Burning Deck.

bobby johnson, CLARISSA street-project,  [n.p.].

Greg Keeler, The Far Bank, Confluence.

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Ali Zarrin, To an Alien, Alien Books.



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Reed Bye, Heart's Bestiary, Rocky Ledge Cottage Editions.

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Peter Cook & Kenny Lerner found Flying Words Project.

Martín Espada, Trumpets from the Islands of Their Eviction, Bilingual Press.

Vernon Frazer, A Slick Set of Wheels, Water Row.

Steven Hirsch founds Heaven Bone Press and Heaven Bone magazine.

Bob Holman, PANIC*DJ: Performance Text, VRI Theater Library.

Greg Keeler, American Falls, Confluence.

Lesléa Newman, Love Me Like You Mean It, HerBooks.

Sharon Olds, The Gold Cell, Knopf Publishing Group.

Thomas R. Peters, Jr., founded “So, You’re a Poet!” Monday night reading series,

Boulder, CO.

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