Unspoken words put a finger to my lips.

Better leave what’s best to a nameless signature.

There was so much to say & it never got said

Except in unspoken words.


Unspoken words gathering faces in a chain.

Who sent you here, how do we return?

I never lose my connection to you, or the one that grew

From unspoken words.


Your eyes they show me who you are.

They tell me you are the dream of being.

But the moment always slips away.

And what is remains unspoken words.


Unspoken words with your broken mouth & white branch.

I’ve been wading the river not even suffering disturbs.

Were you falling in the darkness round a starlit tree

Or just between the cracks of unspoken words.


My eyes they show you who I am.

They tell you I am the dream of being.

Still the moments all slip away.

And what is reamins unspoken words.


Unspoken words in the silence of my heart.

I can live with the pain, it can bring a change so pure.

Time is a person you can’t believe for all their lies.

But love’s as true as unspoken words.


Give me a love that’s true.

Give me a love that’s true.  

Give me a love, give me a love.

Give me a love that’s true

As unspoken words.


26 November 1995


Spoken word version from Unspoken Words.

Copyright © 1998 by Jim Cohn.