there’s a light.

a palace. a roomful of demons.

a mirror. a birth.


there’s a tree.

a hope. a prophecy. a faith.

a mother. a father.


a tunnel. a pain.

a spirit. a number. something

only you can do.


a letter. a cave.

a mountain. a nest. a name

you remember.


names you forget.

a shield. a trust. a calm. a

lake. a power a


blessing. a mercy.

a guide. a magic. a change. a

contrary. a torch.


there’s a people

to admire. there’s the story

just you will tell.


25 February 1992


Spoken word version from Walking thru Hell Gazing at Flowers.

Copyright © 1996 by Jim Cohn.

Text from Grasslands (Writers & Books Publications).

Copyright © 1994 by Jim Cohn.