Midnight it comes and goes.

I got a bad feeling tonight,

But it donít matter.

From the Monastery of the Sisters

To the Moon River Brothers,

Iím speeding through this

Mirage Trading Post of Love.


The only thing anyone can remember

Than was bigger than this

Was when the oil truck flipped over

And nearly burned the town down.

And they know it, Dreamers, that they are.

Angels of the empty theater

Melt into backstage shrouds

To see if youíre gonna be defined by loss

When youíre tested to see

If youíre gonna stay true.


The high rollers and their adjusters

Muscle back into town,

Stay in the best hotels,

Couldnít be more worthless if they tried.

Chasing spiders in Uncle Sam hats,

Outsourcing the Commander in Chief,

Put a camera on every pair of eyelids

And still not see.


Spoken word version from Homage.

Copyright © 2007 by Jim Cohn.