Princess Serenity operated

Out of an abandoned church.

I met the princess at a party

New Yearís Eve in Old San Juan.


What is a country run

By somebody nobody believes?

Why donít they understand?

Everybody else was having to overcome.


Out of the meat locker

The princess brought four books

Near where somebody knocked over the gate

Lock blown off with a 33.


I knew what she

Had laid before me.

They had the mark

Of deeds.


I read each golden page.

My unborn actions

Where a soulís

Bright flight.


The childís tender

Empty headed promise.

The manís openness

Bent inward to broken hearts.


As for the princess,

She met a vehement demise

When the man from the wreck

Mysteriously arose,


Himself on fire

And with a thiefís intent,

To steal the books

And pocket the gold.


Neither could they proclaim

What did not befall the other.

And so the books remain

My dreams.



Spoken word version from Homage.

Copyright © 2007 by Jim Cohn.