Kayaking the Big Manistee, Thornapple

& Owashtanong Rivers



Each April for the past 30 years or so, my brother, the Fish, Carpo and I pack up and head to the Big Manistee River for kayaking and recollection of our place as beings on the planet.The Thornapple is the river of my childhood, and the Owashtanong (Grand) River is nearest me now; famous for its Hopewell Mounds(c. 900 CE), the river is spirit water for those with eyes & ears for it.




Atop the big moraine coming into camp, the river below.

Note beaver damage in foreground.






Thru my tent window at Chippewa Landing.






Headed downstream from Missaukee Bridge.







Cedar swamp in spring sun.







Four big pines & one leaner, cedars on the right.







Railroad bridge with kayakers below on the Red Bridge run.







Sunset over the river.







Young pines below & the river itself in its dream.







Thornapple River:sunrise near the island just below the Alaska riffles.







Great Blue Heron over the Thornapple.

Photo by Charlie Cope







Baby herons on the Thornapple in Spring.Photo by Charlie Cope.







Thornapple River, seaweed in fast current.







Thornapple River October, upstream from where I grew up.







My brother Charlie, scattering rose petals over the site where we scattered my motherís ashes the year before.This is just below the old raccoon trail on the banks above, and a little upriver from my motherís window.







Owashtanong (Grand) River near the Hopewell Mounds.