Owashtanong Bike Rides



Kent & Millennium Trails along the Owashtanong River near the 9th century CE Hopewell Mounds and the former gypsum minesóan area long abused by human exploitation, now in process of being reclaimed for its natural beauty.




Indian Mounds Drive leading to the trails.







Summer pools formed of river overflow after heavy rains.






The river in its midsummer dream.






Spring floods along the Kent Trail near the I-196 bridge.







Old railroad bridge, now bike bridge over the river.






Late summer goldenrods in one of the many ponds and lakes dotting the area along the Millennium Trail.






Summer in the swamp.






Cattails in the largest of the swamp ponds, which Iíve named the Great Pond.






Far end of the Great Pond above, the water hidden under grasses and cattails.






Another swamp pond in midsummer.






My favorite bridge in new section of Millennium Trail.






Fisherman at sunrise as the fog burns off the river, shot from trail bridge

over the river.






Dried cattails in late fall sun.






Sunrise in late fall with overflow pond.






Foggy dawn near the Hopewell Mounds.






Ducks in the Great Pond, foggy morning.






Small stream in fog.






Sunrise over the river, late winter.






Spring pool after snowmelt.







Great Pond at winterís end.