Poets, Old Friends & New






Tom Swartz and David Cope with Tom’s dog, Josh

atop Mount Audubon, Summer 1982






Allen, Anam Thubten, and Marc Olmsted, 1996.





Andy Clausen, photo by Eliot Katz




Chris Ide and Dave Cope, photo by Steve Miles. Boulder, 4 July 86, idyllic summer in memory's glass. We all stayed up at Allen's friend's house on Mapleton, kept house and watered the garden, read Shakespeare's sonnets, Rimbaud, and Kerouac together while Peter made soup--racing down to Naropa for readings and big yakk, & I read in Andy's summer series, hiked up Flagstaff Mountain predawn & watched the sunrise over the second range. Chris was preternaturally gifted young poet, OD'd at 29—a Rimbaud in the making. I still miss him.






Carl Rakosi at the Marine St. Apartments, Boulder summer 1987 “Objectivist Conference.  It was an honor to know him.






Antler and David Cope, Boulder summer 1994 Beats & Rebel Angels Conference.

Jack Collom in background.   Photo by Jeff Poniewaz.






Anne Waldman & Ken Mikolowski, Anne’s first public reading of

Manatee, Humanity, @ the Residential College, University of Michigan,

Spring 2009.  Photo by David Cope.





Anne Waldman, cover of Big Scream 47.  The 2009 issue featured Anne’s

extended polemic, “Matriot Acts.”





Janine Pommy Vega








Andy Clausen & Shiv Mirabito, Woodstock, N. Y.

Photo by Chris Funkhouser.





Diane di Prima with her granddaughter, Julia Chaka Marlow. 

Photo by Tara Marlow. 





Marc Olmsted.  Cover of Big Scream 43.






Together after so many years: poet David Montgomery (now deceased), David Cope, poet-blues guitarist Frank Salamone, and poet Gary Korreck, all old college friends who stayed true to their dreams and never wavered.






David learning renaissance dance in class at

Stratford, Ontario.






Andy Clausen at work, 2009.






Jim Cohn with daughter Isabella and goats

in front of the Flatirons,






Lesléa Newman






David Cope nod & wink

at 62, 2010.

Photo by Scott Baisden.